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Distance Learning Using Skype 


Great Grandmaster Al Tracy and Grandmaster Mark Tracy love to travel and do seminars.  Recently we travelled almost 7,000 miles in the car as we visited 14 studios across the US.  It was very exciting to work with so many great students.  At age 80,  Great Grandmaster Al Tracy personally taught and shared part of his life journey with those in attendance.  We are very grateful for the studio owners for all of their hard work.  It is not easy owning and operating a karate studio.  We love to help the studios as we travel. Contact us to make arrangements for a seminar.

You can study directly with Grandmaster Mark Tracy live using Skype.  Students from all over the world have the ability to receive private instruction from the convenience and privacy of their own homes.  Do you remember the TV Show "The Six Million Dollar Man"?  There was a line that said  "We have the technology"!

In fact I was the first person that I know that started to teach private karate lessons online. It must have been a good sign that the first lesson I taught was on the birthday of the great Chuck Norris.