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To aid in your training we offer DVD'S , Manuals and Clothes.  Learn online live with Mark Tracy using Skype.

Learn  the ancient Art Of Kenpo from  Grandmaster  (10th Degree Black Belt ) Mark Tracy.  Check out the upcoming GGM AL TRACY TRIBUTE/ELITE TRAINING SEMINARS on the calendar page. Contact Grandmaster Mark Tracy to book a seminar. 
Check your royal linage.  It is exciting to know your part of Kenpo History!

The New Flame Certificate and Diploma

Order the  new flame diploma with  the official seal. You can order the 11X17 diploma or a 16X20 diploma. The ones that are shown are 16X20. You can also order a School Certificate

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Check out the new  It's Tracy's Karate Online News Flash. By popular demand you will be able to get daily information online. It will be like a daily online newspaper. You can hit the News Flash Section on to of the website.

You can learn online directly using Skype with Mark Tracy. It is exciting to be able to teach students around the world. Tracy's Karate has been a leader in online learning for 13 years. Imagine you can learn with private lessons in your home.  Here I am with dad as a young boy at our home in San Jose, Ca. Dad promoted me to Black Belt on the 20th of May. This is a picture of the Tracy Family (Tina, Al, Mark, Frances Ann Tracy, and Rocky the Bull Terrier) on vacation in Canada.

Dan Golby is the Tracy's Karate Instructor Of The Week. He has been teaching and inspiring students in St. Louis for many years. Thank you for all you do Dan!

Here is Dr. Jerome Barber being awarded the Highest Of Honors from Grandmaster Al Tracy- 10th Degree Black Belt.

Since the passing of Dad, Dr. Jerome has become one of my teachers.
Al Tracy with his wife Frances Ann Tracy. She was one of the Tracy's that did Karate. I came along to join the The Tracy's Karate Family with my mom, dad and uncles. 
Tracy's Karate Live 24 Hour Online Studio! For years Grandmaster Al Tracy talked to his son Mark about having a studio that was open 24 hours a day. The dream is a reality. You can get live private lessons online using Skype 24 Hours a day. Tracy's Karate has always been the leader in innovations. It's Tracy's Karate 24 Hours a day!

Ted Tomeski in Chicago said "Let's Start The New Year Off Right!" I agree 100%.

I am excited to visit the studios across the USA. Everyday we get closer to that being able to happen. I will be doing a lot of filming. It is a challenging time. It is also an exciting time where we can make a positive difference. Years ago Bruce Lee asked my dad (Grandmaster Al Tracy) about the success of Tracy's Karate. Years prior they were both poor young martial artists. Dad said "You have to have a plan" On Jan 27th "My 53rd Birthday" I will share the detailed plan for the future.

Grandmaster Mike Sanders passed away due to Covid. This news is very sad and carries a lot of heart break for me.  Over the years Grandmaster Sanders had been very kind and loving to me. His phone calls and words of encouragement were and still are a treasure to me. I remember him coming to the Old Drag Strip in Kentucky for training with dad. I love Grandmaster Sanders!