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To aid in your training we offer DVD'S , Manuals and Clothes.  Learn online live with Mark Tracy using Skype.

Learn  the ancient Art Of Kenpo from  Grandmaster  (10th Degree Black Belt ) Mark Tracy. Contact Grandmaster Mark Tracy to book a seminar. 
Check your royal linage.  It is exciting to know your part of Kenpo History!

The New Flame Certificate and Diploma

Order the  new flame diploma with  the official seal. You can order the 11X17 diploma or a 16X20 diploma. The ones that are shown are 16X20. You can also order a School Certificate

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1. Tracy's Karate Worldwide Presents
"Elite Self Defense Home Training."
This is your opportunity to learn real self defense with Grandmaster Mark Tracy in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  One hour lessons are available in Tampa, St.Pete, Clearwater, Orlando, Bonita Springs, and Naples. The cost per hour of home training in $99. You can call (813) 808-5257 or send an e-mail for more information.
2.  The 19th Annual Warrior Quest Weekend will be in Las Vegas July 28th, 29th and 30th. It will be hosted by Grandmaster Robert Jones at the Tracy's Karate Worldwide Southwest Regional Headquarters.

3. Robert Olsen is opening Olsen Family Kenpo Karate in Fair Oaks, Ca. (Sacramento) His other studio is in Windsor, Ca. 

4. Tracy's Karate Worldwide launches it's new "Home School Online Study Course." Students will be able to learn directly from Mark Tracy with live private instruction using Skype. The course also includes picture manuals and dvd's.

5. Our new Chicago location is
Kenpo Self Defense Studio, Inc
15546 S Cicero Ave
Oak Forest, IL 60452
(708) 385-8800
6. Mark Tracy will be teaching in Bloomington, Indiana this Friday and Saturday. You can get a lesson if you are in the area.

7. Tracy's Karate Worldwide has Four Regional Headquarters across the US. The Midwest Headquarters in located in St. Louis. The Southwest Headquarters is in Las Vegas. The West Coast Headquarters is in Windsor, Ca. It is about 62 miles north of SF. The Southeast Headquarters is in Virginia Beach.      

8. Lisa Lamber is the Tracy's Karate Worldwide Instructor Of The Month.  She is doing a fantastic job in teaching in Chicago.
9. Daily videos with Mark Tracy can be viewed on facebook . The page is Tracy's Karate Worldwide. 
10. The Tracy's Karate Worldwide Studio Of The Year is in St. Louis owned by Grandmaster Tim Golby.

12.  Tracy's Karate is celebrating it's 63rd Year! It began with the Tracy Brothers (Al, Will, and Jim). Mark Tracy the son of Al Tracy, is taking the family art worldwide.   

Grandmaster Mark Tracy has been sharing the Tracy Family Art across the world. It started with the Three Tracy Bothers (Al, Will, and Jim). Mark is carrying on their legacy. What is that legacy? To hand down this ancient art to help people be safer and stronger. To record it and share it with the world.
Thank you to all the instructors and students for your hard work and dedication.  What would Al Tracy have to say? Imagine his big smile as he would say "Well Done"!    
 On Feb 24th and 25th there was a two day event at the Tracy's Karate Worldwide West Coast Regional Headquarters at Olsen Family Kenpo Karate in Windsor, Ca. On Friday night Grandmaster Ted Tomeski and Grandmaster Mark Tracy taught two seminars.  Saturday was promotion day. It was a fine day of testing. Here are some of the promotions.
Kyle Collis- 4th Degree Black Belt
Anthony Martinez- 3rd Degree Black Belt
Kandie Faurot- 3rd Degree Black Belt
Christopher Faurot- 3rd Degree Black Belt
Robert Olsen is opening a second studio in
Fair Oaks, Ca (Sacramento). We were able to see the new location on Friday morning.

Millions of people have learned Tracy's Karate. The exciting news is that students are learning across the world. You can get dvd's,  manuals, and certificates directly from Grandmaster Mark Tracy. There are amazing studios and instructors to help you with your journey.