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To aid in your training we offer DVD'S , Manuals and Clothes.  Learn online live with Mark Tracy using Skype.

Learn  the ancient Art Of Kenpo from  Grandmaster  (10th Degree Black Belt ) Mark Tracy.  Check out the upcoming GGM AL TRACY TRIBUTE/ELITE TRAINING SEMINARS on the calendar page. Contact Grandmaster Mark Tracy to book a seminar. 
Check your royal linage.  It is exciting to know your part of Kenpo History!

The new " Tracy's Karate Self Defense For Women" book is here. It has 11 of the best Tracy's Karate moves for some of the most common attacks. This book has color photos. It is also full of theory and practical examples. The cost is $25 and you can order it on the online store.

The New Flame Certificate and Diploma

Order the  new flame diploma with  the official seal. You can order the 11X17 diploma or a 16X20 diploma. The ones that are shown are 16X20. You can also order a School Certificate

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Tracy's Karate is Worldwide.  I have been informed that it is being taught in to children in Nepal!

Grandmaster Mark Tracy is supervising the expansion of teaching in Kentucky,  Ohio,  Missouri , Nevada, California,  Michigan and Washington.  Can Tracy's Karate be added to existing studios that teach other forms of the Martial Arts?  The answer is Yes!  If you are interested in adding Tracy's Karate you can contact Grandmaster Mark Tracy.  Students are also learning online using Skype.

Order a copy 

Order a Tracy's  Karate Checkered Gi.

The new K6 Kata DVD is available. GGM Al Tracy works with his son Mark with the katas Short 1, Long1, Short2, Short 3, Long 3 ,and the Book Set.  It was filmed in Lexington, Ky. This is a great way to learn! $29

New Tracy's Karate Patch! $12

The New Book About Al Tracy. Get a copy on the online store. $39
The Al Tracy Motor City Tribute Weekend and Grand Opening of Raven's Rook Martial Arts Aug 23rd-25th! There will be Seminars, Testing and Filming. We are excited to have an award winning photographer. Come be part of history. We will be filming the new Tracy's Karate Books.

              AL Tracy

      His Life And Legacy

   By his son Mark Tracy